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Is Cat Exam Tough? Unveiling The Curiosity Surrounding Cat Exam Toughness!

Besides the buzz, we hear about Cat exam, we all are curious to know is CAT exam tough to crack? The obvious answer is “yes”. Cat exam is computer based examination stands for common admission test created  for admission in graduate management programme.

It’s no surprise that Cat is most difficult exam to carck. So we have the answer to your curiosity, is Cat exam tough?

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Reasons Why CAT Exam Seems Difficult to Crack?

The CAT exam is required for enrollment in India's premier business institutions (IIMs). Moreover, Cat exam is becoming more tough to crack day-by-day due to it's syllabus, eligibility and exam pattern. However, CAT exam is organized on an national level due to which exam pattern is very tough. On th whole, there are a total of one hundred questions, and they have been split up into the three different categories.

  •  (QA) Quantitative Ability

  • Ability to Communicate Verbally and Read with Understanding (VA & RC)

  • (DI & LR) Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation 

How Questions Format of CAT Exam Makes it Tough?

  • These 100 questions are broken down as follows: VA & RC have 34 questions, QA has 34 questions, and LRDI has 32 questions.

  • The test is worth a total of 300 points, with three points awarded for every question that is answered correctly.

  • In addition, there is a deduction of points for each erroneous response (-1 for each incorrect answer).

  • This test will last for a total of three hours, with each component receiving its given time of one hour. 

  • Only multiple-choice questions, not the descriptive ones, are subject to negative marking (TITA questions).

How Limted Time Duration of Cat Exam Make It Difficult to Crack?

Just because some students take this time constraint much too seriously. They report that they found it to be a challenging test. It is important to be aware that no one ever tries all of the questions on the CAT exam since the test is designed in such a way. Moreover, concentrate on the ones that take up less time and are simpler to evaluate.

Playing to our strengths is the best strategy now that we know we shouldn't try to answer all of the questions. It is common for students to concentrate on their areas for improvement; nevertheless, this is not a productive strategy, particularly in the context of competitive examinations such as the CAT. 

Easy Tips to Clear the Upcoming CAT Exam 

The Number of Questions

The Critical Thinking Assessment (CAT) is a challenging test since it features questions that are challenging. Moreover, in most cases, it requires mental effort. The questions need the applicants to have a comprehensive understanding of the foundations. Furthermore, to know where to apply the various components of their knowledge. Most people take the CAT after they have already graduated from college. Moreover, they think that the indirect or twisted questions on the CAT are somewhat challenging. If you are on the lookout to find out the relevant answer of the question of the “is cat exam tough?” Read this whole blog with true attention. 

Limited by Time

Another aspect that contributes to the difficulty of the CAT is the fact that hopefuls are given a total of 180 minutes to answer 100 questions. This indicates that the aspirants only get around an hour each part to read the section, acquire the data, and answer the problems in the section. Because of this, the candidates find themselves in a difficult position, which in turn causes them concern. In light of this, succeeding on the CAT test and finding the right answer of the is cat exam tough requires not only an understanding of the material presented but also the ability to subdue internal conflicts, maintain composure, and have faith in one's abilities throughout the process.


The CAT is a rather unexpected test. It is quite difficult to determine the format of the test since not only are there sectional variations in the structure. However, also the kind of questions that may be asked as well as the degree of difficulty may vary from one year to the next. Quantitative Aptitude could be a challenging subject one year, but it might be a breeze the next year. Whereas Reading Comprehension might be difficult. Next year, every question may be simple. As a result of its unpredictability, candidates for the CAT are unable to formulate a plan and instead need to be prepared for everything and everything.


In addition to the limited amount of time available and the difficulty of the questions. They are aware that how well they do on the CAT is going to have a direct impact on their future. The presence of rivals simply serves to increase the level of pressure. As a result, the CAT is a challenging test to take. There are some chances that students always ask,  “is cat exam tough?” The stress that comes along with taking such an important test can only be managed by those individuals who are well-equipped to handle whatever comes their way, who possess the necessary skill set, and who have complete command over both their thoughts and their emotions.

Attempt rate

There is a good chance that a significant number of students will experience anxiety due to the fact that they will be unable to try a significant number of questions in the allotted amount of time since the questions are tough. The examiners aren't only looking at your aptitude level. They're also evaluating how effectively you can categorize the questions and choose which ones to go over in order to focus on easier ones. There will always be questions that are above and beyond your capabilities. Moreover, that would consume the full of your available time.

Identify and stay away from these! In addition, if there is a part of the test that you struggle with, you should use the first two minutes to quickly go through all of the questions, pick out the questions that are the simplest, and then answer those questions. By doing so, you will increase your chances of acquiring additional opportunities.

If you really want to go into the 99th percentile, however, you're going to have to work on improving your performance on problems that are more challenging. Also, separate the unsolvable problems from the ones that can be solved. Moreover, try to solve as many of the solvable problems as you can. Moreover, because of this, you should exercise extreme caution so that you do not wind up losing even more points as a result of increasing the number of tries you make. The whole game of negative marking.


Is CAT Exam Tough than Gate?

Without a doubt, CAT and GATE exams are both equally tough for all the individuals out there. If an individual crack the GATE exam with optimum score  then the individual will get the job in the PSU or get the admission in the best institution. We would like to present the right information to you that the basic pattern of both the exams are radically different. All the students working hard to clear the GATE exam have to answer the questions which are basically related to basic types of subjects of stream of the engineering. Whereas the students preparing for the CAT exam will have to answer the questions on the basis of the subjects such as Aptitude, English, Quantitative analysis and Complex Reading comprehension. 

Is Cat Exam Tough than JEE?

The simple answer for this question is No. The CAT is not at all more difficult than the JEE exam. You have to note that the CAT exam basically requires a foolproof technical knowledge of the whole science subject. The questions can come from chemistry, math and physics. The JEE exam is considered the most difficult one as it is more like the UPSC exam. However, the CAT exam is more like an aptitude test that you can consider studying on reaching out to the great level. 

Is CAT Exam Tough for Commerce Students?

A student from the commerce stream will not find the CAT exam much tough. As they are studying the prime topics that will come in the final exam from the past so many years. In the starting there might be chances that you will also ask “is cat exam tough?” to yourself. However, the reality is the more you consider going deep into the preparation the more you will be able to grasp all topics in the right manner. Then you will surely feel that the CAT exam is just your thing. Moreover, with utmost practice, you will be able to crack the exam without much hassle. 

Wrapping up 

With that said, we truly think that you might have got the answer to the question  “is cat exam tough?” Yes, there might be chances that you might be dealing with lots of things at the same moment. We suggest you to join IBT's Cat coaching to crack the exam in first attempt.

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